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Paloma Tankless Water Heater Error Code 82


Error code IL means delime. Check for foreign materials in combustion chamber and/or exhaust venting. 21 Malfunction of Air Intake Filter Switch Ensure air filter door is properly seated. plumber will charge you for service. you found this webpage ?!?.... http://sisei.net/water-heater/paloma-tankless-water-heater-error-code-c4-76.html

other gas appliances, fires, etc. For bathing and nearly all household activities, 110 degrees F is just on the hot side, and probably a good place to begin. Buy: Gas safety cans at Amazon Installed behind furnace to save space!!! Follow the descaling procedure to remove the scale build up in the heat exchanger (there should be an error code). http://www.palomastore.com/paloma_error_codes.html

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With any luck you are good to go. Buy: Rheem tankless TP temperature-pressure relief valve Resource: TP valve code Troubleshoot TP valve Larger image Got a bug? Again??? When the problem occurs, the error code is displayed on the LCD screen of the remote, so by understanding the meaning of the code the troubleshooting gets easier.

Water too hot Water temperature on the remote control is set too high. Follow newest idea on twitter Waterheatertimer.org is a self-help site Compare 16 electric and 2 gas water heater timers Try a water heater timer free Figure Volts Amps Watts for water Check gas solenoid valves for open or short circuits. Paloma Water Heater Tech Support When an error code is displayed on the remote control and before you call the service, do the following to reset the system, which might fix the issue: Turn the hot

Make sure the Controller is turned ON. If you get that responding to the led switching On/Off you have come a long way. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Water heater must be rated for altitude, or dip switch adjustments made High altitude dip switch setting Adjust for altitude 2008 service manual pg 13-14 Altitude program chip part numbers/ pdf

Ensure front panel is properly installed. 24 Malfunction of Operational Switch Press max button on PCB to reset. Paloma Gas Heater Error Code 12 Error 76 Error 11 Error 11 #2 Error 00 Error 11 Error 14 Error 15 Error 16 Error 21 Error 24 Error 29 Error 31 Error 32 Error 33 Error 35 If TP continues leaking or drizzling, then replace TP valve. And temperature is even less if tankless is out of whack, or heat exchanger is coated with scale. ...

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Basically, you need to open the filter valve at the inlet, and the relief valve at the outlet of the unit. http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=23568.0 If unit is not working at optimal performance, the raising temperature is bad idea. Paloma Tankless Water Heater Error Code 13 Because they don't. Paloma Tankless Water Heater Parts WT (wallet thickness) error Promise of unlimited hot water not consistent with water conservation or energy savings.

Because different activities need different temperatures, we recommend that, if possible, you place the Main Controller inside your home in a location easily accessed from your kitchen. have a peek at these guys Check and clean scale from sensor. Join class action lawsuit against Rheem tankless?? Instructions for doing this are in your Use & Care Manual. Paloma Tankless Water Heater Manual

I smell gas in the area around my Paloma water heater. If you smell gas, leave building immediately and call gas company. well, er uh, except you can't breathe the poison.... http://sisei.net/water-heater/paloma-tankless-water-heater-error-code-13.html Raising temperature on tankless can cause error codes.

Chemicals will corrode combustion parts and cause early demise of water heater. Paloma Tankless Water Heater Error Code C4 13 Paloma is ready to meet the challenge. TP releasing large amounts water periodically can mean bad thermostat or problem with tankless unit.

Clean the air intake filter of any buildup of dust, etc.

Pipe cannot be threaded at terminationor capped-off or obstructed. Check gas pressure. Check that there is no obstruction or blockage at the termination of the flue (a bird's nest, ice, etc.). Paloma Water Heater Manual Error code 82 need to know how to program step by step the correct gas data for palmoa electric tankless water heater Asked by phil on 11/21/2012 0 Answer ManualsOnline posted

If your 5-year old laptop computer stops working... The Controller displays error code “12.” Gas service has been interrupted. Plus the dang thing is not made in your town, parts are expensive, and parts are not interchangeable between brands or available at local store. this content Even with 3/4” gas piping, you may not be getting enough gas to the Paloma if the run is too long or it is competing with too many other gas appliances.

If it is still too hot, make certain the water inflow valve is fully open. Check gas type of unit and ensure it matches gas type being used. Do I need to drain it when I am not using it? Logged idefix Full Member Posts: 100 Karma: +1/-1 Re: Arduino Paloma Tankless Water Heater Control « Reply #2 on: February 28, 2014, 01:42:53 am » Hi Gregl,thanks for the reply.Good points.

The Controller displays error code “11.” Gas is inadequate. The remedy is to program the PCB for proper gas type Question about Rheem Water Heaters 1 Answer Error Im getting is C8 82 ...code that is coming up is C8 I'd look for a voltage coming out of the controller before the current limiting resistor for the LED. Well, that's why it doesn't work !" Rheem offers on-line CHAT and PHONE Get out your wallet Well, you bought the thing, moneypit.

rheems number ... The Paloma will continue to function while displaying “13.” The Controller displays error code “1L.” There is a build-up of lime in your Paloma. Prev12Next » Not finding what you are looking for? I use my Paloma at my vacation home.

Check for adequate combustion air ventilation openings and clean if necessary. Is it possible to read the led high low status directly on the arduino (issue i guess is that the panel and the arduino are on separate power circuits). Check gas solenoid valves for open or short circuits. Be aware of any changes in the operation of your Paloma, such as noises, smells, etc.

Check and clean scale from sensor.